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Customer Journey Analytics with Contact Center Data

How To Do Customer Journey Analytics with Contact Center Data

In our last two articles, we discussed what Customer Journey Analytics is and why it is important to the contact center. Now let’s turn our attention to how you perform customer journey analytics with contact center data from your existing systems. Customer Journey Analytics with Contact Center Data: Step One – Integrate Your Data The Read More

Customer Journey and the Contact Center

Customer Journey Analytics – Importance to the Contact Center

Right now there is a lot of buzz around “customer journey analytics” – and you may be thinking “Is this really important to the contact center or is customer journey analytics just the latest marketing fad?” We at BroadSoft have been championing customer journey analytics for years and think this is definitely something you’ll be Read More

Customer Journey Analytics Stages

Customer Journey Analytics for the Contact Center

Your contact center systems can supply you with a lot of data. No doubt you’ve used that data to make your operation more operationally efficient, and that’s a smart move. But that data has far more value than just operational, it can be used to understand the customer journey through customer journey analytics. Understanding your Read More

The New Digital Customer Journey

We’re already well into the holiday season, and along with all the festivities and merriment, many consumers are experiencing the annual stresses of the busiest shopping time of year. Browsing, buying and connecting with customer support can be a time-consuming process, and as a result of the growing availability of digital and mobile technologies, there Read More

8 Small Changes That Will Have a Big Impact on Contact Center Performance

It’s easy for contact center teams to become so busy with pressing tasks and concerns that little time or attention is left for small changes that can dramatically improve contact center performance.  However if contact centers implement the following eight changes, they will make a big impact on center productivity and customer satisfaction. 1. Occupy Read More

5 Productivity Solutions Your Contact Center Needs

In a contact center environment that relies on efficiency in order to satisfy the needs of their customers, finding systems and methods for improving productivity is critical.  Customers want to resolve their issues as quickly as possible, and contact center teams want to deploy their time and resources efficiently. The following five solutions, when implemented Read More

Are Your Teams Data Driven? Why Contact Centers Need to be Data Empowered

The ability for customers to reach a contact center through their preferred channel can be a major advantage for contact centers looking to improve customer service and increase efficiency. Moving to an omni-channel system, however, can present organization problems if contact centers do not have data that is easily accessible and can empower employees to quickly serve customers. Data integration can help contact centers organize and analyze data to better understand a company’s business performance and customer satisfaction. Read More

Enhance Customer Experience by Leveraging IVR Self-Service in Your Salesforce Powered Call Center

It is no secret that call centers are on the front lines of working with customers. The key to improving customer experience is ensuring seamless experiences across interaction channels. One such channel is voice self-service which when used in an integrated manner, can meaningfully improve customer experience as an adjunct to other channels such as assisted voice service, chat, and email. Read More

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