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In the era of customer rage, customer service analytics is critical

Surveys show that customer satisfaction continues to decline year after year. You are probably recording and analyzing calls looking for those angry, four-letter words that tell you someone is not happy. Let your data circumvent that all together.

With customer service analytics using the Cisco© Customer Journey Platform, your data can predict that certain customers, with certain products and services, at certain stages of their customer journey, will need help with specific things. The platform anticipates their calls, and makes sure they talk to a knowledgeable agent that can solve their problem the first time they call so you keep them happy.

And with WFO and “voice of customer” analytics; speech and desktop analytics help you identify what is delivering the customer service results you want and don’t want.

Customer service analytics improves first call resolutions and customers satisfaction by understanding agent and customer behavior.

Customer Journey Platform customer service analytics and customer behavior analytics: 

  • Know the service needs of your customers at each stage of their customer journey
  • Predict your customers’ issues when they engage so you can proactively resolve them
  • Optimize your processes based on “voice of the customer” analytics
  • Improve first-call resolution rates

Customer service Analytics at Work


30% of customers calling to activate a smartphone will call again within 72 hours


Prevent future calls by addressing the predicted issues during the first call


Prompt agents to proactively ask questions, helping customers with their initial phone setup

Top Customer Service Analytics Features

360-degree Customer Journey Analytics
Identifies the key variables that differentiate your first call resolutions from those that need multiple touches: their stage in the customer journey, the script used, offers made, past behaviors, and agent attributes. Read more about Contact Center Analytics.

Customer Behavior Analytics
Leverages the data in all your contact center systems—IVR, CRM, ACD, WFO, web, omnichannel—to understand key customer and agent attributes and behaviors that result in first call resolutions and customer satisfaction. See how Customer Journey Analytics works.

Predictive-Analytics Routing
Predicts your customers’ needs as soon as they call in, identifies those with the highest lifetime value and matches them with the agent, script and offer that has the best performance record at meeting that need on the first call. Learn more about Analytics-Driven Routing.

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