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Put Predictive Contact Center Analytics to Work for You

It’s time for contact centers to optimize beyond cost reduction and efficiencies, and focus on business outcomes and the customer experience. But not just any contact center analytics can improve business performance:

  • The data is distributed in different systems—IVR, ACD, CRM, WFO—making it difficult to determine which customer and agent behaviors and attributes drive the best business results
  • Traditional routing strategies do not take into account the historical and real-time characteristics of callers and agents required to get each customer connected to the agent that can best meet their need

But the Cisco© Customer Journey Platform can.

Improves positive business outcomes AND operational efficiencies with contact center analytics
  • Grows sales and upsells
  • Raises customer satisfaction and retention
  • Improves first call resolution rate
  • Reduces costs
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces abandons

Let the Data You Already Have Optimize Your
Customer Engagements

The Customer Journey Platform creates an analytics-driven contact center that uses the agent, customer, and interaction data from diverse business systems to dynamically improve contact center business performance—contact center analytics that make a difference.


Predictive Contact Center Analytics

Predicts customer need and connects them to the agent with the best performance record at meeting that need and delivering the business results you want

Cross-system KPIs

Business user tool to drag and drop fields from multiple systems and create custom KPIs that correlate cross-channel and cross-system data

360-degree Customer Journey Analytics

Big data analytics links cross-channel customer interactions with the same intent to understand the customer experience and improve service

Voice of Customer Analytics

Speech analytics give you insight into what your customers really feel and think about your company, agents, products, and services

A Unified View of all Your Contact Center Data

The Customer Journey Platform collects and correlates data from multiple systems into a data model optimized for business users to perform contact center analytics.

It includes the award-winning Customer Journey Analyzer that brings data together from automated call distributor (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), omnichannel customer interaction, customer relationship management (CRM), workforce optimization suite (WFO), and other customer applications and data sources, such as demographic services, into an analytics repository in the cloud. With all the data in one unified view, you can analyze, understand, manage. and automate customer interactions in new and innovative ways.

With WFO, speech and desktop analytics data can be included for deeper insights.

Optimized for the Contact Center
  • No need for database experts to correlate multi-system data
  • No lengthy hierarchical data modeling process
  • Easy set-up and data ingestion
  • Prebuilt connecters to popular contact center systems
  • Extensible to handle unique data structures

Analytics Repository

Stitches together the records from your disparate contact center systems into unified customer interaction records and agent activity records and securely and anonomously stores them in the cloud using big data and NoSQL technologies.

Multi-source Linking

Sophisticated heuristics connect the events and transactions in different systems that result from a customer or agent trying to accomplish a single task, like placing an order, asking a technical question, or inquiring about service

Contact Center Aware

Understands the data fields and formats coming from the various systems the call center uses—ACD, IVR, CRM, Marketing, Order Entry, Consumer Demographics—and applies heuristics to normalize the data across systems and vendors.

Agent Activity Records

Provides objective, statistical insight into the actions, behavior, and real-world performance of agents, teams, sites, and outsourcers over time with particular kinds of customers, products, channels, and interaction types.

Customer Interaction Records

Connects the data in different systems representing the actions taken by a customer with the same intent, providing a complete view of what a customer does to evaluate, purchase, or obtain service for your products.

Speech and Desktop Analytics

Analyzes what the customer and agent actually said and did in their interaction so you can determine what behaviors drive the customer experience and business results you want.

“Analytics is the #1 initiative that will reshape the contact Center and customer experience in the next 5 years.”

 Dimension Data Survey of 1,000 Contact Centers


Analyze the Information for Insights
Exploratory and Descriptive Analytics

Interactive Contact Center Analytics

Provides a 360-degree view of your customers’ journeys, operations, and business performance

The Customer Journey Analyzer is an interactive drag and drop application for contact center analytics that presents a business view of call center data for managers and analysts to query, filter, sort, correlate, visualize, and analyze. You’ll find relationships you never knew existed between your business performance and your customer interactions and agent activities across channels and systems.

From within a single browser window, interactively explore and cross-analyze your customer interactions, agent activity, and operations with business and financial results to find out what is really happening. For example, the agent behaviors, customer attributes, scripts, teams, outsourcers, or marketing campaigns that deliver the best business outcomes and most positive results.

Interactively dig deep into your contact center, agent, and customer analytics data to understand what is driving the business outcomes and performance you want.

  • Unified view of all your agent and customer data from multiple systems such as your ACD, IVR, WFO, and CRM
  • Cross-system and cross-channel metrics (KPIs) using data from multiple systems to map operational measures to business outcomes
  • Visualizations – pivot tables, colorful bar, pie, line and area charts, and time-motion charts that animate performance over time
  • Real-time operational dashboards that visually display everything going on in the contact center across channels, systems, and sites
  • Real-time and historical performance comparisons to understand how today is tracking against yesterday, last week, last month, or any other time period
  • Scheduled reports with trend analysis that track operational and business outcome metrics
  • Real-time alerts based on call volumes, wait times, call times, or whatever best drives your contact center performance
  • Interactive contact center analytics that you the business user drives

What the Customer Journey Analyzer Can Do for Contact Center Analytics:

Real-time contact center dashboard

  • See customer sessions, transactions, and interactions across systems
  • Find customer behavior patterns with common intent
  • Correlate customer behavior, demographics, and speech to business outcomes
  • Map agent activity including agent desktop analytics to business outcomes
  • Create and monitor cross-system KPIs that map operations to business performance in real time.
  • See how channels compare in first call resolutions, which teams are handling the new marketing campaign traffic best, or sales figures by agent, team, site and outsourcer. Custom KPIs are easy to build with the Customer Journey Analyzer.


Transform Insights into Actionable Intelligence
Predictive, Prescriptive and Statistical Analytics

Truly understand what drives your contact center success

The Customer Journey Analyzer identifies the customer and agent attributes and behaviors that drive business performance and how to optimize for them.

As an industry, we’ve become very good at tracking operational events and transactions—calls, speed of answer, average handle times, IVR sessions, abandons — but the Customer Journey Analyzer maps these to the business metrics that really matter, like customer satisfaction, CSAT, NPS, retention, sales, repeat sales, first call resolutions, revenues, and profitability.

Factors that Drive Business Results


Customer Demographics

Purchase history, current status, age, marital status, family size, location, income, etc.

Agent Demographics

Training, skill levels, personal characteristics, geographies, personalities, drivers, etc.

Customer Call Behaviors

Time of day, day of the week, length of call, wait times, IVR paths, transfers, etc.

Agent Behaviors

Past performance, scripts used, offers made, collaboration with subject matter experts, etc.
performanceStatistical Performance Analytics

Agent Routing

Scores agents based on delivering desired business results for certain tasks and with customers of different types and needs based on their real-world past performance

Customer Propensity

Scores customers for their propensity to have a certain need or buy a certain product or service based on their attributes, previous behaviors, and past needs as compared to similar customers

Cause and Effect Validation

Uses the performance data, and the attributes and behaviors of agents and customers, to see which factors have the strongest relationship to business outcomes

Predictive Analytics Model

When the true causes of positive business results are identified, a predictive analytics model is generated and used at run time to optimize operations and system behaviors.

Simulations Engine

“What-if” scenarios are run using historical data to see the performance that would result from different routing strategies, agent utilization, staffing, scripts, and offers.

Business Rules Engine

When the scenarios that make the most business impact are identified, a business rules engine loads the desired system behaviors and decisions to be made at run-time based on the in-coming data.
Big Data

It’s Automatic

It all happens behind-the-scenes as part of every implementation using machine learning, clustering, the R analytics language, simulation, and stability and variance analysis.

No Experience Required

You don’t need to do anything but provide your historical data, let the platform do its thing, sit back and reap the benefits of the optimizations.
“I can’t imagine a company not improving their bottom line with the Customer Journey Platform.”

Director of Operations and Analytics, Office Depot


Automate Intelligence for Improvements
Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Automate the Performance Improvements

Predicts the needs and propensity of every customer and routes them to optimize performance

The Customer Journey Platform uses your optimization model at run-time so that the desired behavior of your contact center systems and agents is operationalized. It automatically predicts the potential business results for every incoming and outgoing interaction based on the historical performance data of interactions with similar characteristics and context. These predictions then drive how your systems and agents behave.

Through a combination of a predictive contact center analytics model, business rules engine and the data coming from your customer interaction systems in real-time, the Customer Journey Platform drives the behavior of your contact center systems—ACD, IVR, CRM, Email, Chat—through CTI and other integrations.

Continuous Improvement & ROI Analysis
Machine learning techniques keep the recommendations fresh and relevant, with continuous re-calibration of scoring and A/B testing to validate value.


Predictive Analytics-based Routing

Dynamically predicts customer needs and matches customers with agents having best performance record to meet that need. Customers and agents are matched based on “context”, such as demographics, customer journey phase, customer value, issue, product, and agent past performance to maximize business outcomes

Put closed-loop contact center analytics to work for you.  See how customer journey analytics works.

  • Connect customers with the best agents
  • Match customers with next best offer, script, resolution based on context
  • Arm each agent with the information and scripts they need for a successful customer interaction
  • Prioritize customers based on their current or potential lifetime value, status or demographics
  • Select agents based on their performance, skills, media or affinity with certain customers, needs, or potential
  • Route to meet service levels