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Become a High Performance, Agile Contact Center

Manage your contact center like the strategic asset it is. Regardless of the complexity you are dealing with—multiple sites and customers, multiple interaction channels, or a combination of in-house, at-home and outsourced agents—the Cisco© Customer Journey Platform’s cloud contact center routing empowers you to manage all the moving parts as one, without sacrificing the customer experience.

Global visibility and performance optimization across sites
  • Balances call loads
  • Ensures the most efficient use of agents in multiple locations
  • Delivers a consistent and improved customer experience
  • Omni-channel customer interactions centrally managed and controlled
  • Global queue for cloud contact center routing using analytics-driven routing

Unified Cloud contact center routing for multi-site contact centers

The Customer Journey Platform provides unified cloud contact center routing and analytics for a graceful migration path to the cloud for multi-site contact centers.

Benefits of Cloud Contact Center Routing

In today’s around-the-clock, global economy, contact center customers are spread throughout the world, as are answering resources, and all the teams and agents handling the calls.

With cloud contact center routing, every customer is served in a timely manner and gets the same information regardless of where they are calling from, the time of day or which call center or team is up and running.

  • Route all calls through a central global queue for maximum responsiveness and consistent customer experiences
  • Centrally apply and change routing rules to respond to changing traffic conditions and performance, regardless of who and where the agents are
  • Record, store and archive calls centrally regardless of the agent, site, or outsourcer taking the call and replay and analyze them from anywhere
  • Every customer waits in the same line and gets connected to the best available agent regardless of their location
  • Only the application and routing data travel globally, the media stays local connecting the customer and agent in the most efficient path
  • Every agent can be armed with the same script, offers and customer data for consistent customer experiences
“CC-One makes it possible for us to centrally manage multiple customer service centers distributed around the world… in a way that saves us millions of dollars and improves the customer experience.”

VP Customer Service, Business Solutions Division, Office Depot

Real-time Performance Dashboards —
for the Cloud Contact Center

Manage Contact Center Performance in Real-time

The Customer Journey Platform delivers centralized real-time operational and business performance monitoring and reporting of all contact centers, teams, agents, outsourcers, customers, and sites in a single management dashboard from the cloud.

With that knowledge and insight, you can drive agent and system behavior globally in response to market conditions, demand and service levels, for a high-performing hybrid contact center.

  • Optimize call center operations throughout the day
  • Real-time operations monitoring
  • Compare current performance to the past – in real time
  • All your up-to-the-minute contact center data in one place
  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Extensible and configurable for your unique environment

Contact Center Dashboard

  • Concurrent interactions across channels: chat, voice, email, etc.
  • Agents logged in at each site and outsourcer
  • Conversion and first call resolution rates

Real-time contact center dashboard

  • Calls in queue
  • Agent, team and site performance
  • Topics, issues and resolutions of all interactions

Predictive Analytics Cloud Routing

Don’t connect a customer with an agent just because they’ve been available the longest. First, predict the customer’s needs or propensity to buy, and then connect the caller with the best agent to do the job based on their past performance record with similar callers. See how Contact Center Analytics Works.

Collects data from your IVR, ACD, CRM, WFO, and other contact center systems to identify the customer and agent behaviors and attributes that deliver the best results. It then builds a predictive analytics model specific to your business and drives the behavior of your systems accordingly.

Optimize your contact center operations for the metrics that matter to you—customer satisfaction, sales, first call resolution, customer retention, service levels, upsells, or whatever—for an analytics-driven contact center or call center that delivers the performance your business needs.


Performance Routing

Dynamically matches customers with the agents that will drive the best business results based on past performance

Skill-based Routing

Assigns proficiency scores to agents and sends them calls that match their skills

Demographic Routing

Matches customers with agents with whom they will most likely have an affinity

Status Routing

Routes customers likely to churn to best retention agents and those with upsell potential to best sales agents

Value-based Routing

Prioritizes customers with a higher propensity to buy or lifetime value and routes to higher-skilled agents

Service-level Routing

Dynamically routes based on maximum wait times and reroutes calls to overflow agents and vendors

Media-based Routing

Routes interactions based on an agent’s proficiency with a media type or customer’s preference
“With the Customer Journey Platform, we increased sales by 10-15% with more intelligent routing and customer agent matching.”

COO, cell phone retailer

Native Cloud Solution

Make your existing systems smarter and more efficient, bring call center sites up and down on demand, or reroute traffic in the middle of the day—all from your vantage point in the cloud. With contact center cloud routing, the business defines how it wants to run operations from the cloud, which drives the behavior and operations on the ground.

The Customer Journey Platform is a proven, native-cloud solution that offers unlimited flexibility, scalability and an open architecture for unlimited integration.

When it comes to the cloud, Cisco plus BroadSoft is your low-risk vendor. We have high-profile reference customers. When you work with us, you work with cloud experts.

Benefits of Hybrid Contact Center / Call Center Deployments

No Capital Outlay or
Redundant Hardware

Unlike legacy telephony and on-premise contact center systems, Software-as-a-Service and requires no local hardware other than a headset, computer and internet connection. New agents and sites are up and running on a dime.

Designed for

You get complete flexibility and extensibility. Everything is callable—all functions, UI, and databases—through clean APIs for agent desktop, provisioning, call routing and reporting.

Built to Integrate

Works with your existing infrastructure and systems, telephony and IP carrier networks, because we use open standards like CTI, SIP, XML, MSCML/MSML, VoiceXML, and HTTP.

Built to Last

You get proven security and reliability. Average uptime is 99%. Security standards include SSH, SSL, and secure VPN. Databases are open source NoSQL and big data for your independence.