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Your best customer is the one you already have

Consumers have ample choices these days. Comparative data is at their fingertips. Brand loyalty is threatening to become a thing of the past. If a consumer is not happy with a product, service, or subscription, no problem; return the product, cancel the credit card payments, and engage with the next vendor waiting in line.

With customer retention strategies built in the Cisco© Customer Journey Platform, you will know which customers have a high probability to churn the moment they engage, and make sure they are matched with the best agents and offers to save them—based on real performance data—not luck.

Customer Journey Platform customer retention strategies:

  • Reduce call center cancellations in double digit percentages
  • Make sure your agents best at retention are always talking to the high-risk customers
  • Assure agents make the offers that are proven to keep your customers and know what to do when they don’t

Customer Retention Strategies At Work


An online 3-for-1 offer with a monthly renewal has the best sign-up rate in the company’s history, but also the highest cancellation rate the 3rd month in


65% of middle income families with 3 or more kids continue the subscription when they are offered every 4th month free by a fellow parent


Know the savable customers when they call and have the right agents make them the offers proven to retain

Top Features for Customer Retention Strategies

360-degree Customer Journey Analytics
Identifies the attributes, behaviors and stages of the customer journey that define a customer ready to churn and the scripts, offers, agents, and behaviors that have the best track record of retaining customers with similar attributes. Read about Contact Center Analytics for customer retention strategies.

Customer Retention Analytics
Leverages the data in all your contact center systems—IVR, CRM, ACD, WFO, web, omnichannel—to understand the key customer attributes and behaviors that result in customer churn and the agent customer retention strategies that work. See how Customer Journey Analytics works.

Predictive-Analytics Routing
Predicts your customers’ needs as soon as they call in, identifies those ready to churn, and matches them with the agent, script, and offer that has the best performance record at retaining customers with similar attributes. Learn more about Analytics-Driven Routing for customer retention strategies.

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