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Make the most of every customer interaction

Whether you are a new business creating your first contact center or a medium-size business looking to improve contact center operations, Cisco© Customer Journey Platform call center solutions are for you. You can start with voice, add omnichannel communications as you need them, and have the confidence to know you will be able to scale on demand as volume spikes and your business grows.

As a small or medium business, it is very important that you take advantage of every single customer interaction. With the platform’s analytics-driven routing, you can make sure every customer gets properly prioritized, routed, and matched with the best agent and offer for their needs.

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Customer Journey Platform SMB call center solutions:

  • Match customers with the best agents for that particular customer
  • Route priority customers to highly-skilled, in-house agents and new inquiries to overflow agents
  • Make the right offers to the right customers with the right agent
  • Get up and running in days and achieve ROI in a few months
  • Scale with you as your business grows

SMB Call Center Solutions at Work


Need to get a small call center up and running quickly and cost-effectively, but will need to handle seasonal volume peaks and new channels in time


Start with a handful of agents and when demand increases route call to additional agents in-house, at-home or outsourced on-a-dime


Only pay for what you use when you use it, route priority customer to highly trained in-house agents and others to new or outsourced agents

SMB Call Center Solutions

Customer Journey Platform Standard Edition
An economical SMB call center solution for those looking for a voice-only solution. Includes ACD global queuing and distribution, IVR, call recording and monitoring, and standard reporting. Learn more about Customer Journey Platform Omnichannel Contact Center solutions.

Customer Journey Platform Salesforce Edition
Runs all contact center operations as an embedded app within the Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds. Uses ACD and CRM data to match customers with agents having the best performance records to increase customer satisfaction and profitability. Read about the Call Center App for Salesforce.

Customer Journey Platform Premium Edition
Start with just voice or a handful of omnichannel agents and the Premium Edition will continue to support you as your contact center grows into thousands of agents across multiple sites and continents. Add Predictive Analytics-Driven Routing and WFO as you grow and your needs become more sophisticated.

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