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3 Contact Center Unified Communications Building Blocks

Contact Center Unified Communications Building Blocks is the seventh in a series on Contact Center Unified Communications. In past blogs in this series, we’ve looked at the best practices and challenges of Contact Center Unified Communications. Now we’ll take a look at the three contact center unified communications building blocks that will make your contact Read More

Why Customers Love Contact Center Unified Communications

Why Customers Love Contact Center Unified Communications

Why Customers Love Contact Center Unified Communications is the third in a series on Contact Center Unified Communications. In the last blog, we cited some survey data from Aberdeen Research that says unified communications improves customer satisfaction, customer retention, and reduces the number of customer complaints significantly. See figure 1 below for the increases in Read More

8 Tricks For Reducing Average Handle Time in Your Contact Center

The longer the average handle time for contact center communications, the fewer calls a contact center can handle, thereby increasing queue times and adding to customer frustration. The average handle time is calculated by adding the total talk time, total hold time, and total wrap-up time – and then dividing by the number of calls Read More

6 Reasons Your Performance Management Processes Aren’t Working

Creating performance management processes is often a difficult task for contact center management teams. Many management teams do not know how to best evaluate employees objectively and implement processes that will improve employee performance. If current performance management processes are not working, contact center management teams should identify why the processes are not working and Read More

The Death of a Contact Center: Six Deadly Sins You Need to Watch For

Contact center management may believe that everything is running smoothly in their team, but there are some deadly sins that can slowly decrease productivity and increase customer dissatisfaction. The following deadly sins, if not avoided, can kill a contact center. 1. Keeping a customer waiting for too long Whether a customer calls, texts, emails, or Read More

93% of Contact Centers Make This Mistake. Does Yours?

The modern contact center often includes updated technology, multiple communication channels, and well-trained employees.

Management spends a good deal of resources optimizing these assets to increase conversions and overall sales. Despite the latest and greatest advances in contact center functionality, however, an overwhelming majority of contact centers still make a critical mistake that prevent them from generating even higher conversions and overall sales. Read More

4 Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Engaging Your Customers

Successfully engaging customers requires more than a simple back and forth conversation between a customer and a contact center representative. To be remembered and make a positive impact on customers, contact centers need to think outside the box and come up with creative techniques that will help establish lasting relationships with customers.

The following four ideas are unique approaches to customer engagement that will help make a lasting, positive impression. Read More

Even “Best Practices” Need a Timetable

To gain the highest possible conversions and remain relevant in their industry, contact centers must implement changes that reflect best practices that will help them optimize efficiency and offer the highest level of customer service. An all-at-once implementation of these best practices, however, can result in chaos. Customers may turn to competitors if a contact Read More

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