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Office Depot’s BroadSoft CC-One Transformation

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Office Depot operates in over 30 contact centers located across four continents with thousands of agents handling millions of interactions annually. Prior to deploying BroadSoft CC-One, managing this robust global operation posed a significant challenge.  With multiple contact centers, some in-house and others at partner sites, Office Depot faced challenges related to heterogeneous management and reporting from site to site. The company created a task force to create the contact center of tomorrow and establish consistency among all operating contact centers.

Because applications were deployed on-premise at each different contact center, Office Depot struggled to manage and control performance. There was no centralized visibility and control over global operations. The goal of the task force became creating a contact center with global transparency and agility.

The task force decided to implement CC-One largely because it separated the application functionality of queuing, routing, recording, monitoring, and reporting from the telephony equipment and communications networks.  This separation of functionality offered Office Depot flexibility in terms of voice carriers and equipment for various sites, and allowed the business side of the company to manage application functionality so IT could focus on carriers and phone equipment.

The rollout took less than ninety days, and CC-One’s flexible cloud platform allowed for scaling on demand as business dynamics changed, while also allowing for preservation of existing transport and telephony systems.

After Office Depot switched to CC-One, the company was able to analyze and act on data in real-time. The richness of the data led to the building of a 24-hour command center with digital displays for incoming calls, wait times, abandoned calls, and agents at each site.

Today, Office Depot uses CC-One’s Omni-Channel Contact Center Cloud offering. The dashboard provides visibility into queues, teams, and agents, and allows supervisors to make adjustments where and when necessary. CC-One also allows for a global queue so traffic can be shifted in real-time with no business disruption. Office Depot is able to manage all contact center operations with no special on-premise equipment or capital outlay.

To read more about Office Depot’s CC-One Transformation, read the full Office Depot case study here.

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