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Analytics and the New Customer Service

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Cloud-based analytics is rewriting the rules when it comes to how enterprises deliver superior customer service. As customer data continues to proliferate, much of a company’s success depends on its ability to quickly integrate and analyze the information across a spectrum of digital interaction channels. The right solution makes interactions across all of these channels possible through the cloud, and enables real-time data tracking and analysis at every interaction so that contact center teams can most effectively optimize the customer’s experience.

With BroadSoft’s acquisition of Transera,  which is now the BroadSoft CC-One product line, we’re leading the charge to bring the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) market to the Cloud. Traditional contact center solutions can’t deliver the necessary data-driven customer experience, but BroadSoft’s omnichannel and analytics-driven cloud software enables businesses to optimize operational efficiency, strengthen financial performance, and improve outcomes across customer interactions. The solution’s cloud-based infrastructure is a drastic departure from how contact centers are run today, with premise equipment at each location and the need to manage each installation separately. Instead, CC-One enables enterprises to take advantage of the benefits of a cloud-based contact center through its three complementary solutions:

Customer Engagement Analytics

BroadSoft CC-One Analyzer performs contact center analytics by incorporating the entirety of customer data across disparate siloes and digital channels to create a unified view of customer interactions. Based on the data, advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics embedded in a Business Rules Engine also help automate call routing to optimize customer interactions for better business outcomes.

Global Management and Control

The Omni-Channel Contact Center enhances existing contact centers by centralizing queuing, routing, and distribution in the cloud. Regardless of the complexity of global sites and customers, multiple interaction channels or combinations of in-house and outsourced agents, the entire system is centrally connected to provide real-time global visibility and simplified management of operations.

Call Center Salesforce Integration

The CC-One Salesforce Edition is a call center app for salesforce that natively adds telephony and call management capabilities to Salesforce Service Cloud and Sales Cloud, allowing Salesforce users to leverage BroadSoft’s contact center technology using the same interface that they use to administer Salesforce today. The combination streamlines operational processes, significantly lowering the total cost of ownership.

The role of analytics in the contact center is expected to be a focal point for discussion at the upcoming Enterprise Connect summit, and our own Arnab Mishra, VP of Business Operations for BroadCloud Contact Center Solutions, will be joining a panel of distinguished professionals in the industry to further discuss analytics in the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) market. As multichannel becomes the new normal, cloud- based contact center analytics like those offered by BroadSoft are becoming increasingly essential, but deciding how best to implement these technologies within an organization can be a complex process. During the session, Arnab and other contact center analytics providers will share real-world customer examples using successful customer service analytics deployments, along with expert advice on which metrics to track and how to most effectively utilize customer data.

Interested in learning more? View the full suite of BroadSoft’s contact center performance solutions for the enterprise and get the full details on our Enterprise Connect panel, How Analytics Is Changing Customer Service in 2016.

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