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A CRM’s Role in Improving Call Center Efficiency

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Implementing a good customer relationship management software is crucial to the success of a call center. The very purpose of running a call center is to interact with customers, and a CRM makes those interactions easier to manage, store, and analyze with contact center analytics.

A CRM makes all data about any given customer easily accessible so call center agents can know the history of any caller during an interaction. Knowing a customer’s history can guide an agent during a call as to what the customer may want or need. Anticipating customers’ needs leads to increased customer satisfaction and, in turn, increased sales.

Additionally, a CRM, when used correctly, can improve call times, first call resolution, and workflows.

Reduced Call Times: Reducing call times benefits customers, who are able to have their issues addressed quickly, and call centers that are able to serve more customers in a day. Often, it is the inaccessibility of customer information that prevents agents from reducing call times. A CRM makes customer information readily available and helps agents to reduce call times.

Higher First Call Resolution Rate: When agents must transfer customers to another agent or customers are required to call the center a second or third time, the call center’s FCR rate suffers and customers become frustrated. These frustrated customers may take their business to a competitor that is able to address their issues in the first interaction. The FCR rate can be improved with thorough agent training and with a CRM. CRM makes customer’s information immediately available, including the reason for their call, and lends call center agents the ability to resolve issues in the customer’s fist call.

Improved Workflows:  A poorly functioning workflow affects every other aspect of a call center. While the small delays may not be obvious or overly bothersome as they happen, overall these delays add up and affect the call center’s bottom line. For instance, when a call center agent must click back and forth between screens, it affects their call times and their first call resolution rate, which in turn affects sales. A CRM makes all information available within one screen, reducing the amount of time agents must spend researching a customer and recording their information.

A customer relationship management software improves call center efficiency by reducing call times, improving first call resolution rates, and improving workflows. Reduced call times, improved FCR rates and improved workflows lead to higher sales and happier customers.  Learn now CC-One customer engagement analytics works.

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