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7 Craveable Qualities of a Customer Service Representative

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Offering customers the best possible customer service requires a certain set of skills from customer service representatives. Speaking with a wide range of people, all with different attitudes and levels of satisfaction with a brand can be challenging. Representatives can, however, work to develop qualities that improve the experience for their customers. The following qualities help customer service representatives offer the best possible service to their customers:

Patient: Some, if not most customers will contact a customer service center when they have an issue that needs to be resolved. Some of these customers may be irritated, and some may be flat out angry. The best way for customer service representatives to handle these dissatisfied customers is to listen patiently and remain calm. An empathetic customer service representative will help customers feel understood and their issues will be resolved quickly.

Creative: Not every customer will have cut and dry issues. Some customer questions or concerns may require some creative problem solving on the part of customer service representatives.

Able to communicate clearly: Few things frustrate customers more than a customer service representative who is difficult to understand. Customer service representatives who are able to articulately communicate with customers make concerned customers feel at ease and resolve their issues quickly.

Positive: One of the most enviable qualities of a customer service representative is their ability to stay positive and help others find the positive in any situation. This skill is especially useful when dealing with angry customers. Remaining positive and helping the customers find the positive in their situation makes for an environment where the agent is better able to resolve the customer’s concerns.

Organized: It is absolutely essential that customer service representatives record the details of their interactions with customers. These records are used for all future calls with customers, and in order to reduce call times, the records need to include any details an agent may need to know when dealing with a customer. An organized customer service representative will have an efficient method for recording the details of their conversations and that makes customer data easily accessible.

Efficient: Irritated customers only become more irritated when they are forced to stay on the phone longer than necessary. Customer service representatives should have a drive to resolved customer issues as thoroughly and as quickly as possible. Efficient customer service representatives keep customers satisfied and returning.

Able to read customers: In order to know how to best serve a customer, a customer service representative must be able to determine a customer’s attitude. An irate customer will have different needs than a calm customer, and discerning which customer has which attitude will help the customer service representative know how to handle those specific needs.

A customer service representative that is patient, creative, able to communicate, positive, organized, efficient, and able to read customers is prepared to offer customers the best service possible.  CC-One excels at offering effective customer service solutions.

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