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Are You Using These 9 Contact Center Tech Tools?

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Contact centers have become much more advanced and fulfill a vital role in the business world. For a contact center to stay relevant and grow in today’s ever-changing marketplace, it is important to take advantage of both the simple tools and high-end technology that is available. While every contact center is slightly different, this selection of nine useful tools will help any contact center advance their technology and company decision making:

1. Cloud-Based Contact Center Software – Today, it is more important than ever that every agent and every member of an organization be on the same page. Cloud-based software makes it easy. Never again will a company worry about out-of-date product—just update and go.

2. Contact Center Analytics – Does management know how productive every member of the team is? Does anyone understand what is happening in the center? Today’s analytics systems are better than ever at sharing these vital data points with the people who need to know.

3. Call Monitoring – It is important that calls be monitored to make sure that agents are following procedure and in case a situation requires assistance from a supervisor. Call monitoring systems are easier to use than in year’s past, so they should be a must for any contact center.

4. Social Media Support – Social media is increasing in importance as a way to provide customer service. If a contact center is not taking advantage of Twitter and Facebook as a means of connecting with customers, they are missing a significant opportunity.

5. Quality Management – This category of tool helps assure that every employee follows company protocol. With quality assurance in place, rules are less likely to be violated. If protocols aren’t met, they can be dealt with quickly and accurately.

6. Whisper Coaching – An effective way to improve agent performance is to provide coaching in real-time as customer interactions are occurring.  Whisper Coaching enables trainers and supervisors to coach agents while they are speaking with customers.    In addition, highly skilled agents can give advice to other agents who need it, without the customer ever knowing.

7. Real-Time Updates – Offering a way to update all staff members to new rules, regulations or news bits is vital. This can prevent agents from sharing out-of-date information or perhaps getting the organization in legal trouble.

8. Workforce Management Tools – Being able to forecast interaction volumes and plan for agent staffing can save organizations money by preventing both under-staffing and over-staffing of the contact center.

9. Integrated Business Tools – These tools allow an agent to check account information, see former tickets and see whom the customer may have spoken to before with just the click of a button. This can speed up calls and make agents much more productive.

Trying to figure out all the tools and solutions a contact center requires can be daunting. That is why BroadSoft CC-One exists. Using CC-One, a call center can grow into a global omni-channel contact center by enabling customer interactions across all channels and streamlining business processes to ensure that contact centers are operating at their highest levels of performance.

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