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Improved Multichannel Data Integration Through Purpose-Built Customer Engagement Analytics

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A recent report from Ventana Research, “Next Generation Customer Analytics,” shows a growing customer expectation to reach companies through a multitude of channels, ranging from email to text, social and even instant messaging and video applications. Although widened availability to brands potentially creates an enhanced consumer experience, it also creates new challenges for companies with omni-channel contact centers as they try to understand the customer interactions across multiple touch points and channels to improve customer engagement.

As channels for engagement expand, so does the importance of purpose-built customer engagement analytics solutions. The majority of today’s analytics solutions are using horizontal business intelligence tools to provide insight into various domains with mediocre results.  With a new generation of purpose-built analytics solutions for specific domains emerging, a much greater range of data can be analyzed with more depth and breadth.  In the case of the contact center, these products can provide a more holistic view of customer interactions and their outcomes.

Currently, most organizations are interacting with customers across this diverse spectrum of channels, but lack the ability to analyze the data in its entirety, and fully tap potential insights. To demonstrate the benefits that purpose-built customer engagement analytics solutions offer over more traditional ones, we’ve outlined some of the key findings from the Ventana report below:

Purpose-built solutions allow companies to use more data
Companies using the solution utilize an average of six data sources, including business transactions, call recordings, text and social media for a more complete customer view.

Purpose-built solutions deliver a range of benefits
Companies achieve an average of six benefits using the solution, including improving the overall customer experience, gaining insights into the business rather than just operations, and better alignment across the organization.

Spreadsheets are both widely used and problematic
While 52% of companies use spreadsheets for customer analytics, 57% said they actually prevented timely and accurate results.

Gathering customer data takes as much time as analysis
47% of organizations spend most of their time preparing data for customer analytics rather than performing analysis.

Using the right purpose-built solution greatly increases both the speed and efficiency of customer engagement analysis, and can improve the outcomes of customer interactions – not just within the contact center, but across the entire company.

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