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Perspectives: “Customer Analytics Research Reveals Required Capabilities for Software”

This week, we’re reviewing a recent article by Richard J. Snow, VP and Research Director at research firm Ventana. In his article, “Customer Analytics Research Reveals Required Capabilities for Software,” Richard reiterates the importance of finding the right customer analytics tool for your company, especially since today’s customer data comes from so many different sources. In Read More

Survey Says: Most Companies Still Rely on the Old-Fashioned Spreadsheet for Customer Analytics

Last week, Richard J. Snow, VP and Research Director at research firm Ventana, published a blog post summarizing results from a study “Next Generation Customer Analytics.” This followed a second Ventana research report around customer engagement, which looked at the various channels through which today’s customers interact with companies. Ventana’s research highlights an on-going discussion that Read More

Industry Perspectives: Customer Service Takes a Turn – Is this a Trend or Simply a Misstep?

This week’s Industry Perspectives comes from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), which last week reported that online shopping satisfaction is at a 12-year low. Specifically, online shopping satisfaction dropped 4.9 percent to 78, the lowest score since 2001. But the drop can’t be too much of a surprise given the customer service nightmare that UPS and FedEx experienced Read More

Match-Making in the Contact Center

In honor of Valentine’s Day, last week, CMSWire posted an article that likened customer relationships with personal relationships. The piece, How to Make Your Customers Love You This Valentine’s Day, took three best-practice tips for happy, healthy, successful relationships and applied them to customer relationships in the contact center. We encourage you to give it a read, it’s interesting how well they apply. Read More

Industry Perspectives: Big Data – Mainstream for Most

This week, BroadSoft is continuing our new Industry Perspectives series with a recent piece by Louis Columbus, a contributor for Forbes. In the article, 2014: The Year Big Data Adoption Goes Mainstream In The Enterprise, Louis highlights IDG’s recently conducted study on big data and enterprise predictions for 2014. The most notable of results are that on average, enterprises will spend $8 million on big data-related initiatives this year. The study also mentioned that 70 percent of enterprise organizations have either deployed or are planning to deploy big data-related projects and programs. Read More

Customer Rage and the Big Data Dilemma

In 1989, the song “If You Don’t Know Me by Now” by U.K. pop band Simply Red hit the number one spot on the Hot 100 list. Almost 25 years later—in the era of big data—the lyrics “If you don’t know me by now, you will never, never, never know me,” probably ring true for most people purchasing goods and services this holiday season, as I will explain. Read More

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