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Why You Need to Integrate Voice Calling with Salesforce

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Benefits of Salesforce

There is a reason why Salesforce is the most popular cloud-based CRM in the business. It not only provides you with tracking capabilities, but it is also an incredibly effective sales and service tool. The benefits are tremendous. With Salesforce CRM, you have better visibility into customer information. With Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds, contact center agents and supervisors are able to:

– Do account planning

– Prioritize and manage their activities

– Run a variety of reports

– Create own dashboards to track individual and contact center performance

– See and analyze trends

– Communicate more easily and consistently with customers

Salesforce is an effective way to collect customer data submitted through email, text and mobile, providing agents all the pertinent data they need to effectively handle customer interactions.

Where’s the Voice?

There is one thing missing within Salesforce’s native set of functionality and that is handling voice interactions. Salesforce is great for managing non-voice interactions, however, the ability to manage voice routing is not part of Salesforce’s current functionality. With 70-80% of customer service requests still happening through voice calling, this is a big pain point for call centers and Salesforce administrators, globally.

Incorporating voice interaction handling into Salesforce requires Salesforce users to purchase a completely different set of applications that are nominally integrated with Salesforce at the agent desktop.  These loosely integrated systems thus necessitate Salesforce administrators to engage in a number of redundant management activities such as user provisioning and report creation.  In addition, it is not easy to leverage customer data held in Salesforce to inform voice interaction routing decisions for better and more accurate matches between customers and agents.

All this changed with BroadSoft’s plug and play CC-One call center app for Salesforce.

Voice-Calling Integration: How It Works!

CC-One Salesforce Edition for Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds is a complete call center application for the multi-media contact center. With it, you are able to add Voice Response (IVR) and Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) capabilities while pertinent data is automatically logged into the Salesforce database. This allows contact centers to improve the customer experience by creating and implementing call routing strategies that tailor the interaction to the specific attributes of the customer.

CC-One Salesforce Edition delivers call center management, administration, routing and reporting capabilities from within the Salesforce application itself. This allows for unified visibility and control. It provides supervisors visibility into what is going on in the call center from both a real-time and historical perspective.

CC-One Salesforce Edition is perfect for contact centers using Salesforce for email and chat customer interactions and want to add voice without having to manage and administer a whole other application and set of logins.

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