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Using the Cloud and Analytics to Modernize Legacy Contact Center Systems

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As customer service demands escalate, contact centers must be quick to adapt.  Here are some of the critical changes I see happening inside of today’s contact centers and the wide-range of challenges they face. For example,

1. While call load balancing was efficient in the past, offshoring and outsourcing to home agents have complicated the operating model.

2. The new, diverse workforce with their changing work hours, and different skill levels and effectiveness.

3. Although technologies are dramatically improving, contact centers struggle with the cost of replacing older systems with newer, better ones.

4. And last, but surely not least, contact system infrastructure is more complex today than it has ever been before, with multiple locations and heterogeneous technologies.

These are some of the reasons why BroadSoft CC-One applies global call routing in the cloud to help contact centers adapt to these challenges, add multimedia, centrally manage distributed contact centers, and improve overall performance without a full-scale replacement. Among the improvements I’ve seen our B2C customers experience with global call center routing and management are:

1. Route customer interactions to various systems and locations of the contact center based on more intelligent and effective strategies than load balancing.

2. Route calls from anywhere in the world to global agents from a centralized queue to reduce uneven queues and reduce abandons.

3. Gather and unify the data from distributed contact centers and systems for central visibility.

4. Create centrally applied standard routing rules and scripts for global control and a consistent customer experience.

Learn More about CC-one hybrid contact center and global call center solutions.

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