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Using Big Data to Deliver Better Solutions: Industry White Paper

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This week I’d like to share a new whitepaper “Big Data and its Impact on Contact Centers” from a kindred spirit, the Daitan Group. In the white paper, Daitan discusses how major brand contact centers are seeing an uptick in the adoption of analytics programs in an effort to better understand and interact with their customer base – right out of the BroadSoft CC-One playbook.

Big Data for Contact Centers
In the report, Daitan emphasizes the fast-evolving role of analytics programs in contact centers, and their ability to help representatives create more individualized customer experiences. With increased use of social media, mobile and cloud technologies, contact centers now have more streams of data that can be tapped and analyzed to better connect with customers. With all this data coming in, the opportunities for contact centers to use big data analytics are endless. The Daitan Report cites uses for big data analytics, such as operational analysis, security intelligence extensions, modernizing old data warehouses and enhancing the holy grail – the 360-degree view of the customer.

The 360-Degree View of the Customer
Daitan updates the definition of the 360-degree view of the customer as the customer profile that’s created by combining and analyzing all relevant data streams pertaining to the customer – data streams – that makes a big difference from what we meant by the 360-degree customer view 5 or 10 years ago.

As we have said before, historically contact centers have focused on getting the job done as efficiently as possible while minimizing costs, i.e. quickly processing tickets, routing calls, maximizing transactions and keeping customer contact to a minimum. But with Big Data we can now improve customer experiences and relationships. Through analytics programs, a representative can glean insight into a customer’s behavior by analyzing previous communications, history on the website and social media activity and as a result, interact with them more meaningfully and “in context”.

This improved 360-degree view of the customer allows companies and brands to not only fully comprehend their customer’s motivations and incentives, but also to predict customer behavior and interactions.

Big Data Ecosystem for Contact Center
The paper talks about how the big brands and outsourcers with big IT budgets are no longer relying on just Hadoop as the sole approach to contact center analytics programs – instead they are using a combination of several platforms, like NoSQL databases and Apache Storm, to build a comprehensive Big Data Ecosystem to best reach and understand their customer base. Not unlike CC-One, which BroadSoft built for customers that don’t have the internal IT resources or big budgets.

With this approach, a company can work with information from text documents, email messages, social media, CRM platforms, ERPs, etc. to develop a more holistic view of the customer experience across channels.

I encourage you to read the whole whitepaper, it will be time well-spent. Click here to view Daitan Group’s full “Big Data Technology and its Impact on Contact Centers” whitepaper.

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